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The Love of A Mother

Kam Hardy

I think it goes without saying that mothers have the most rewarding job there is. Ask almost any mother, and they will tell you, motherhood is exhausting, challenging, and messy and, the most beautiful journey of life.

There are so many different kinds of moms out there, the working mom, the stay-at-home mom, the single mom, the yoga mom, the blogging mom, and the mom that will do anything to provide for her children.

Mothers are all different and all the same. Mothers have the most dedicated work ethic. Mother’s dedicate their life to create, teach, love and support all of your dreams and all your journeys. They may never show you they struggle or are in pain. A mother’s compassion for the well-being of their children is astounding.

Honestly, what would we do without mothers in this world? The world without mothers would be a cold, harsh, and neglectful. Mothers show us how to be soft and kind, nurturing, and loving. Think about it, how many places have you been and seen a child fall and skin up their knee? Four mothers will run over to the rescue of a child that is not even theirs. Mothers have this willingness and this protection that no one can ever replace. It can never be replaced because it is the love of a mother that makes the world go round.

On Sunday do not forget to thank “HER” for everything she does for you every day! Go to our Facebook and Instagram page, post a picture of you and your mom with the hashtags, #BESTMOMEVER and #THANKYOUMOM!

Happy Mother’s Day! Enjoy celebrating the one that gave you a lifetime of love and support!

By: Kam Hardy

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