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Meet Princess Lilly Latte – A Mackerel Tabby Cat

By: Carolyn J. Woodruff, JD, CPA, CVA

Her name could be Ms. Finicky, but she is our new rescue kitty, and we love her. We adopted Lilly on January 11, 2022. She is six, and her last Mommy had to surrender her because the assisted living facility would not allow Lilly. On December 29, 2021, she was humanely surrendered to Red Dog Farm Animal Rescue Network in Stokesdale, North Carolina.

Red Dog Farm is an incredible nonprofit organization that deserves your support. Dwight and I were thoroughly vetted before we were allowed to adopt Lilly. In our search for a kitty, we visited with the SPCA in Greensboro and met several kitties, including some kittens. Dwight was committed to only senior cats, but I must say two little gray kittens were enticing.

We then moved our search to the Crooked Tail Cat Café in Greensboro – another fantastic place. Dwight and I were early, so we engaged in lattes at the café. One has to reserve an hour to play with the kitties at the café, in a separate room. Only a few persons are permitted in the kitty area at a time. Founded in 2017, this café is creating smiles. The kitties in this café are spoiled – which is a compliment to Red Dog Farm, who started this cat café. We arrived early, so the latte was optimal to wait for time with the kitties. A two-year-old orange male Tabby named Ace  (a Garfield want-a-be) was considered, but he mostly wanted to sleep in his window bed shaped like a spaceship – so the play was limited. We left at the end of our precious hour in cat heaven.

Then the call came. Red Dog Farms had Lilly, and we fell in love with her sweet picture. Having been approved to adopt from Red Dog Farms generally, we applied to meet Lilly. She was being fostered in a High Point pet store – but she was in a large room, not a cage. Whew! She arrived at our home, and she was very needy for attention. She was not shy as one might expect from a kitty in a new environment but needed petting 24/7. Since January 11, Princess Lilly Latte has become somewhat less needy, but still abundantly affectionate. She is curious and a great jumper. She loves to climb.

Lilly is a mackerel – no not a fish! A mackerel tabby is a pattern for the fur of the cat. A mackerel tabby has markings that run perpendicular to the kitty’s spine. The tail and legs are ringed. Some call them a tiger cat. Many different breeds can be referred to as a mackerel tabby pattern, such as the Maine Coon and Norwegian Forest Cat.

She was Lilly on her cat records, but to us – she is Princess Lilly Latte. Latte stems from the Crooked Tail Cat Café experience. Princess comes from her command of the stage. She will undoubtedly snub her nose at food she doesn’t like and walk away. And it is really hard to find what the Princess likes other than catnip treats.

‘Til next time for another Princess Lilly Latte tail – or is it tale?



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