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7 Easter Activities That Will Delight the Kids

Venn Crawford

Easter is just around the corner! Pastels, bunnies, and eggs are the order of the day this weekend, and I’ve collected some DIY Easter crafts, activities, and recipes to help you spice up your celebrations this year. And with the long weekend from Good Friday, you’ve still got plenty of time to try these out with the kids!

Origami Paper Bunnies

These origami bunnies are adorable! All you need is printer paper cut into squares, and you’re on your way to a whole family of them. Because they’re made from plain white paper, your kids can decorate the bunnies as well as their Easter eggs. Alternatively, you can let your kids decorate the paper before folding the bunnies, so that the final product is a surprise.


via Red Ted Art

Easter Egg Doilies

Dip-dying regular eggs can be a mess, and if you don’t eat eggs that often, it can be a waste too. These Easter egg doilies are (relatively) mess-free. If you get a large enough doily, you could even use them as placemats for Easter dinner! If you can, try to get a few different patterned doilies and let the kids pick which ones to decorate.
Beautiful Easter Egg Doily Craft for Kids Inspired by Rechenka's Eggs: An easy step-by-step tutorial showing how kids can make Easter Eggs that look intricately decorated like the ones straight out of Patricia Polacco’s book.

via A Little Pinch of Perfect

Easter Pancakes

If you’re not in the mood for eggs, why not try pancakes? Mix batter with different food colorings to create a nice pastel palette to work with, and then go to town! Let your kids make design requests, or hand them a squeeze bottle and have them design some pancakes for you instead.

via Lasso the Moon

Rice Krispy Birds’ Nests

These clever little snacks from Crafty Morning will delight anyone you offer them to. You can use edible Easter grass or coconut and some green food coloring to fill them. I’m a strong believer in mini Cadbury eggs, but you could also fill the nests with jelly beans or any other egg-shaped candy.

via Crafty Morning

Easter Egg Poppers

Party poppers were a magical New Year’s treat as a kid. This year, instead of hiding all the eggs in and around things, consider creating some of these Easter egg poppers. You can hang them from trees, banisters, and fences to spice up your kids’ egg hunt. These are easiest to make with plastic eggs that already have holes in them, but if yours don’t have these, you can easily make some.
Egg Candy Poppers DIY

via Studio DIY

Bunny Prints

Holidays are magical for kids – Santa visits and eats the cookies you made, neighbors give you free candy, and for one of them, you even get to stay up with the adults. Putting some bunny prints down adds to the magic of Easter for small kids. Imagine waking up on Easter morning and seeing those giant footprints, and following them to find a stash of eggs.

via The Larson Lingo

No-Sew Sock Bunnies

These little stuffed bunnies are fun and easy to make! They’ll also help you get rid of those extra partner-less socks. All you need is socks, a ribbon, something to fill them with, and a marker. The tutorial suggests filling them with rice, but you can also buy stuffing at a craft store to make a softer bunny. You can draw the face on with a marker, or get creative and use thread, buttons, or fabric paint.

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by Venn Crawford

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