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In The BEST Interest of The Child

Carolyn Woodruff

In the best interest of the child–these are the magic words in North Carolina and part of our Mission Statement at Woodruff Family Law Group.

It is always best if the parents can agree in either negotiation or mediation; however, that is not always the case. My suggestion is that the parents get on a schedule!

Getting on a schedule is especially important when your child or children are young. If two parents can simply not agree on a schedule and exchanges are becoming unbearable, I would suggest professional and legal help.

If no agreement can be reached after mediation, then your case goes before the judge, and it will be in their hands. The judge will make the final decision of legal custody (major decisions) and physical custody (the parenting schedule or physical time with the child). The appointed schedule usually entails weekends, holidays, birthdays, etc.

**FACT: Both child custody and child support cases are issues that can be proposed at any point in the child’s minority life.  

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