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DIY Valentine’s Day: Gifts Made with Love

Venn Crawford

Valentine’s day is approaching, and pink and red coat nearly every store. Shelves are overflowing with heart-holding bears, roses, and assorted chocolates with dubious fillings. Everything is marketed to say “love,” but is a prewritten card truly the best way to express that?

I’m a firm believer that the most meaningful gifts are the ones that you put effort into. The Christmas before I moved out, my parents gifted me dishware and supplies for my new home. Among these gifts was a cheese cutter from my dad. Instead of buying a cheese cutter, he instead spent hours of his time making one – and unlike spent money, spent time is gone forever. Of all the gifts I’ve received, this one stands out the most due to the work my dad put into it.

It isn’t just the time spent that makes such a gift special, though. Making a gift means you aren’t limited by a store’s selection, so you’ll always be able to choose something perfectly tailored to the recipient.

If you’re ready to start working on your own DIY Valentine’s day gift, check out some of the tutorials below. And don’t worry – there are no stuffed bears or discount chocolates here.

DIY Princess Canopy

When I was a little girl, I used to dream of having a canopy bed. There’s something magical about that gauzy veil hanging between you and the world. If you have a young daughter or cousin, consider making them this canopy fit for a princess. All it takes is two curtains, an embroidery hoop, twine, and a hook. If you really want to impress her though, try using sheer fabric, and decorate the canopy with fairy lights, strings of beads, or fake flowers.

via Creative Ramblings

DIY Pallet Garden

Know someone who loves gardening? This DIY pallet planter is perfect for small herb gardens. The planter can be hung on the wall or propped up against it, making it a great gift for college students, apartment residents, or anyone with otherwise limited space. You can leave the planter unpainted if you like the rustic look of the raw wood, or you can decorate it. Consider including a small brush and a bottle of paint for easy labeling.

via Beers n Beans

Reuse a “Chocolate” Box

Honestly, with some assorted chocolates it seems like the best part is the adorable heart-shaped box. Rather than gifting chocolates, though, why not use that box for something more personal? One blogger created a box of succulents, but you can fill your box with anything – homemade cookies, a spa kit, new fishing lures, tubes of oil paint, etc. Spray paint the box as this tutorial suggests, line it with patterned paper, or hand-paint it with acrylics.


via The Ribbon in My Journal

Homemade Sugar Scrub

Scrubs are a great way to add a little pampering to your daily routine, making them perfect for busy moms, teachers, or anyone who could use a feel-good treat. To make this DIY sugar scrub, you just need sugar, oil (such as olive oil), and at least one essential oil. You can pick up essential oils at Michaels in the soap section. Try adding dried herbs and rose petals for some extra flair, or swap out white sugar for brown sugar.

via Maybe Matilda

DIY Bathtub Tray

If you eyed the sugar scrub above, this DIY bathtub tray really brings home the spa experience. Draw up a candlelit bubble bath for your lover (or yourself!) and bring them a glass of wine to sip on while they relax. This tray is also perfect for books, snacks, or even some Netflix if you’re careful. You can stain the tray as the tutorial shows or paint it (try using patterned stencils). To really wow someone, try using a rich, vibrant wood such as cherry.
diy salvaged bathtub tray

via Urban Acreage

Homemade Crayons

Crayons are childhood staple and a great gift for the young ones in your life. These homemade crayons can be made from any old or broken crayons you have lying around. Simply fill a silicone baking mold with the crayons and melt until they’ve fused together. This is a gift that’s best made with the child – give them the mold and a bag of crayons and let them pick which colors to melt together.

Homemade Flavored Cooking Oils

Anyone who likes to cook will be delighted by these homemade cooking oils. Pepper-infused oils are great for pizzas, while a dill or garlic-infused oil works well with eggs. Try looking up popular gourmet oils to base your own off. For bonus points, decorate your jar with fabric, ribbon, or a custom-made label.

via One Good Thing

Are you working on a DIY gift for Valentine’s day? Show me in the comments!

by Venn Crawford, Marketing Assistant, Woodruff Family Law Group

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