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Ask Carolyn: July 19, 2018

Carolyn Woodruff

Dear Readers, two of you submitted very exciting questions in frequently misunderstood areas in the nuances of family law. Question one deals with custody as part of a Chapter 50B domestic violence protective order. The second question deals with cohabitation when you are the recipient of alimony under an order or agreement.

Dear Carolyn,

My 50B expired one year ago. It included custody of my then 2-year-old. After a period of time does that custody order become permanent if not contested by her father?

Dear Carolyn,

My husband and I divorced a couple of years ago, and there is a cohabitation law included. Since the divorce, I have met a wonderful man who has been my guardian angel and has been there for me thru all the ups & downs following a divorce. Here is my question: I am renting a townhouse but am having trouble keeping up with the rent. He rents his own apartment, but with him moving in with me we would be more financially stable. He would rent the extra bedroom I have and pay me half the rent…as if I was the landlord. I have been told that I could get by this way, as it would not be considered co-habitation. I don’t want to lose my alimony but was wondering if there was a way to cohabitate by law and still receive my alimony.

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