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5 More Crazy Divorce Stories

Venn Crawford

One of my most popular posts last month was about crazy divorce stories, including the incredible saga that was the Wee Man’s Chronic Tacos custody hearing. Since so many people have been enjoying them, I’ve dug around the internet and found five more crazy divorce stories to delight and appall you.

Fighting Dirty

An ex-wife was too lazy to work – and not just on a career. To prove her laziness, the husband had his construction crew remove 5 to 6 truckloads of dirty laundry from the house and photographed them. He brought the photographs to the court as evidence to support his case in reducing his temporary alimony. It turns out that rather than washing any clothes, the wife had just been buying new clothes every week.

from crimsonlaw

The Making of A Rude Awakening

A woman’s husband beat her while drunk on payday. Once he had passed out on the couch, she stole all the money they had in order to leave him. But, before she left, she enacted a diabolical plan. First, she took the fitted sheet off their bed and laid a full length mirror on it. Several strokes of a hammer later, the mirror laid shattered into pieces across the bed. She carefully made the bed again, knowing that her husband would stumble to it later and fall onto the broken glass.

On a happier note, the woman went on to later run a shelter for abused women.

from woodpeckersback

Something Smells Fishy

A husband cheated on his wife with another, more well-endowed woman. In the divorce, the husband managed to get their house. Before moving out, the wife filled the curtain rods with shellfish, which later rotted. Unable to get rid of the smell, the husband sold the house back to her for half-price, and took the curtain rods with him when he moved out.

Another spouse pursued their revenge in a similar manner, this time with ground meat. Rather than putting the meat in curtain rods, this spouse put the meat in ziplock bags and hid them in various spots throughout the house, including in the attic and air vents. Once the meat rotted in the bags, the smell began to seep out, circulated through the air vents. It took months to find the almost 30 bags of rotted meat hidden in the house.

from pumpkinlord

Anything to Drive Her Crazy

A man’s car was the sticking point for their divorce. He was relentless, and the proceedings dragged on for months as he continually refused to let go of the car. Or at least they did, until he suddenly conceded in exchange for receiving one of their summer houses instead of the car. What the wife didn’t know is that during the months and months of arguing over the car, he had been driving around the city in it for three hours each day. He only conceded the car after he’d racked up thousands of miles on it, rendering it worthless.

from flintlock519

Pet-Friendly Pettiness

A husband and wife go through a nasty divorce and end up splitting everything halfway, including the large amount of land they own. After the divorce, the wife decides to build a house on her half of the land, so that the back of each house face each other. She taunts the ex-husband with her presence by spending lots of time in the backyard, where he has a clear view of her. He calls his lawyer to ask about the legality of the situation. But, then he has an idea. He buys a dog and names it Susan – his ex-wife’s name. Then, whenever he let his dog out, he’d yell for her, using her name and the exact expletive you’d expect for a dog. If she peed on the flowers, he’d scold her loudly as well, always making sure to use her name. The ex-wife tried calling the cops, but they could do nothing, as the dog was registered with the name “Susan,” and was indeed a female dog.

from anonymous

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The tales recounted here were collected from an online discussion about crazy divorce stories. No Woodruff Family Law Group attorneys, clients, or employees are represented or alluded to in these stories.

by Venn Crawford, Marketing Assistant 

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