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Ask Carolyn: June 7, 2018

Carolyn Woodruff

Our first reader today finds herself in a very difficult situation: her husband is abusing opioids and alcohol, and their children are aware. She knows divorce is the only option if her husband won’t get clean, but is worried, as he supports their family. Our second reader has been separated for some time, and wants to know how divorce will affect the business he and his brothers inherited from their father.

Dear Carolyn,

My spouse is using both prescription opioids (Percocet) and alcohol. I do not think he has a prescription for the Percocet, and there are lots of cash withdrawals from our bank account. I am suspicious he is buying on the street, but where? And how? He had back surgery three years ago and I know he was using Percocet about six months. I don’t think his doctor is giving him Percocet anymore, as the health insurance is mine, and I don’t see it coming through.

I think he tried to get off the opiates once, but apparently he has been unsuccessful, and he is using again.

Our kids know it.

I want him to get help, but he will not be honest with me about what he is doing. He hides.

Otherwise, if he will not get help, I need a divorce. He supports the children and me. I work as a nurse, but he has a much higher paying job.

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